I get the impression that Linda and Raymand see each hand-crafted leather garment as a piece of art delivered to every customer, not just any regular clothing...

Mr. L., Hong Kong


The bare minimum requirement for them is ultimate craftsmanship, and you can tell their skill and experience from the bespoke garments' excellent three-dimensional cutting! This isn't just about their skill, but also their ability to give each garment a unique experience and a sense of life...

Judy W., Hong Kong


They have made leather jackets for many movie stars...Raymand and Linda have been in this profession for over 40 years, they're experienced and professional...I strongly recommend them, and it also supports local businesses too!

Miu Fung & Wave Chow, HK


Got a Thank You card from the customer telling me how happy she is with the coat. Pass my congratulations to Raymand and Linda! Happy Customer, Happy Business

Sergio, United Kingdom


The jacket fits me very well and I am so pleased to wear it.

Madeleine, Switzerland


Kam Ma offers a great product - the owners are flexible and accommodating for bespoke designs, happy to provide advice. Won't hesitate to work with them again.

Lawrence, Hong Kong


I received my cashmere bomber jacket in December and I just want to say that it is absolutely amazing, beautiful and fits perfectly! The build is phenomenal and I just can't stop wearing it. It is hands down one of the best jackets I have ever purchased. Special thanks to Raymand and Linda, the owners of the firm who have been super nice and helpful throughout the process.

Alvin, Hong Kong


I happen to know about the company via a friend of mine then I order it after I received the jacket is just the way I want it I am so happy with it and when my girl see me wearing it, she said Mam I want one please. So I think that enough to know how nice of a jacket it was.

B.J., Thailand


I came to Kam Ma with a very specific idea of what I wanted in a jacket, and they were able to fulfill my requests to their exact specifications. Linda and her team are masters at their craft, and the final product exceeded my expectations. If you have a garment idea in mind, Kam Ma can bring it to life.

Mr. Robert H., Hong Kong

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